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Our Services

Basically, with us you will never have to call an insurance 1-800 number again

Business Team

Group Health Insurance

Vision Exam

Vision & Dental Benefits

Father and Daughter

Life & Disability Insurance  

Small Business Owner

Voluntary Benefits

Whatever your group insurance needs are, we've got you covered

Helping you & your team get right plan


Get the most out of your plans


With the least amount of effort from you

  • Employee benefits training

  • Coordination of open enrollments

  • New Hire and Termination assistance

  • Healthy employee Initiatives

  • Telemedicine

  • State Continuation and COBRA assistance

  • Compliance assistance

  • Claims advocacy

  • COBRA administration

  • Simplified renewal process

  • Technology solutions to manage benefits, payroll, and data

  • Transparency, prompt responses and support

  • Admin platforms

  • COBRA administration

  • Human resources, compliance, and ​pharmaceutical consulting

  • Employee education on benefits usage

  • Routine auditing & regular auditing

Have any questions?

We're happy to talk about life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, or insurance

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