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Confused about health insurance? 

We can help.

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We Partner with All the Cool Kids

Why Outsource Benefits?

Go ask anyone in your organization to explain their benefits package to you and why it's the best plan for them. If you're like most companies, you would receive blank stares from your team. But that's not your fault, you should be focusing on creating a great customer and team member experience.

Insurance isn't simple, there's no way around that, but working with us is.

Win at Hiring

Hiring great talent is tough, and the right benefits can be a deal breaker for potential employees.

Create Admin Capacity 

Benefits are complex and always changing, ask your HR team if they have the capacity to keep up.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

We're talking about 1/3 of your team's pay + their future. You can't afford not to get benefits right.

Sounds pretty great, right? It gets better.

Check Out Our Process


Employers set a total premium limit for each employee 

We craft a plan within the premium limit to match your needs


We update you with any changes that need to be made


Employees answer a few simple questions about their needs



You get a benefits summary that you will understand

Boom, it's that simple.

Why Employers Like You Love Us

There are more than 10 reasons, but we'll start here

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To Sum Things Up...

How would you prefer to life your life?

Without Us

Paperwork without PBC

  Don't do this to yourself  

With Us

  Let us help you  

Simplicity working with PBC

  Help us help you  


But Don't Take Our Word for It

Check out our Google reviews

I can't thank Nick and Ashley enough for their help through the years! As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly more complex and difficult to navigate, PBC has been a vital resource and advocate for our employees. They always go the extra mile to see that our needs are met.

The Next Step

Let's connect! We're real, friendly people ready to help

PBC Team Collaborating

You're awesome! We'll be in touch shortly.

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