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Team of Industrial Engineers

About PBC

Our core values help us H.E.L.P. you.

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Benefits are important, but we don't judge if you're not familiar with them. We meet you where you are to get you where you want to be.


Excellence is in the details, and we are masters of the minutia. We sweat the small stuff so you can focus on your business. 

Lean In

We don't accept clients if we don't have the capacity to fully commit. Everything we do is all in, or all out.


We never forget that our work impacts your future and finances. The weight of that responsibility drives each decision. 

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Team Meeting
Nick Schkabla, PBC president
Nick Schkabla

Nick enjoys listening to Yacht Rock music and thinking of other ways he can save the day at PBC at the local microbrewery.


Rachel Shine at PBC
Rachel Shine

Rachel is hiking to North Georgia's waterfalls (ironically, while listening to "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls" by TLC) or binge-watching Syfy shows on Netflix. 

Sr Account Manager

David Petersen Principal at PBC
David Petersen

David is refining his "save the day" skills by studying his Marvel superhero mentors. He can be found spending time in Atlanta traffic singing along to the radio. 


Ansley Wyatt PBC team
Ansley Wyatt

She is studiously working to set the record for the number of Braves games attended in a month. Chop on, Ansley!

Account Manager

Lila Hensley PBC team
Lila Hensley

Lila's favorite things include: desserts, dogs, Disney, and country music - and she anticipates adding Greece to the list after her first visit.

Account Manager

Luke Williams PBC team
Luke Williams

Luke is jamming out to any and all Disney music on his way to the Atlanta United game, as well as doing whatever Hannah tells him to do. For the record, Tangled is way better than Frozen. 

Account Manager

Laura Schkabla PBC team
Laura Schkabla

Lauren is driving with the windows down listening to 90’s rap music. She can be found at her local Mexican establishment enjoying tacos and margaritas, or shopping at Target…ALONE.

Account Manager

Meet the Crew

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